Welcome to Montessoria Textiles, LLC. 

Montessoria Textiles is the combination of my love for my child, dedication to education, particularly the Montessori method, and my passion for textiles and sewing.

I love this Maria Montessori quote. It's value is apparent in the Montessori classroom.

"The child should live in an environment of beauty."

Montessoria Textiles values are beauty & quality.

Beauty & Quality. 

Montessoria Textiles products began as needs and desires expressed from the staff at our former Montessori school in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Montessori materials for use in the classroom must meet specific standards. Each Montessoria Textile handmade product has been created and re-created many times over in response to the gracious and honest testing that took place in our school's classrooms. The staff became my guides and cheerleaders, offering constructive feedback and excellent ideas. I discovered additional products perfect for gifts and Montessori home and classroom environments - they been carefully curated from companies such as Fog Linen Works. . 

Our products do not carry AMI or AMS certification. However, much effort went towards working to achieve the expectations and standards of an AMI-certified school. I also welcomed input from several of my favorite Montessori evangelists including Terri Allen (AMI Consultant), Ann Kasunich (Mountain Shadows Montessori School, Head of School) and Sherri Simmons (My Baby-n-Me, Founder and Montessori Teacher). Their responses were informative, supportive and enthusiastic. 

You will find our products are well-suited for any Montessori school - no matter the association, a Montessori home setting, and charming gifts for a teacher, your home, or a friend. 

Also worth noting:

  • This is a small-batch production company. These products are made in small groupings which means you may experience a short wait in receiving your order during times of high demand. No item should take longer than 2 weeks to ship, or I'll simply mark it 'sold out'.
  • Our products are made by handsNo offense to the robots, efficient & perfect production has a place, such as in the making of my car. But placemats and lunch baskets have an added charm & quality infused by the effort and care of precious hands.
  • This is a company committed to re-use, recycling, and reducing trash and ugly stuff in the world. For example, some of the products are made from upcycled denim jeans. Montessoria has a take-back program for well-used placemats. The packaging is designed to be recyclable and reusable. If packing peanuts are used, they are made of organic starch, biodegradable with water. And all of the leftover fabric scraps from production are used for a variety of craft projects, often in the classroom.

Back to beauty & quality. Hopefully these values are obvious as you peruse the website and when you receive these products in the mail! 

Welcome to Montessoria Textiles LLC.

Have a lovely...


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 My inspirations

My inspirations

 My passions (OK... one of )

My passions (OK...one of)

 Our former school  Photo Courtesy of Ann Kasunich

Our former school

Photo Courtesy of Ann Kasunich