And so it begins...

The child should live in an environment of beauty.” - Maria Montessori

Oh my goodness. Well, here we are. Hello!

This is where I will...once in a while...share ideas and musings about making your child's environment beautiful. You can expect to find topics such as: 

  1. Birth Announcements for recent additions to the Montessoria product family.
  2. Ideas to plan and beautify school activities such as:
    • Teacher or Staff Appreciation:  I like to turn our school's event in to a wonderful, full-participation celebration. I'll share links, pictures and ideas. Fair warning: I go a bit...some would say...overboard. Ahem. <hair flip>
    • Classroom crafts: I occasionally organize a ready-to-roll craft for the Elementary class to complete in 2-3 hours. These projects could include...
      • a birthday craft project that replaces the tricky business of snacks in today's allergy-free classrooms
      • a Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day gift for parents
      • Valentine's gifts for members at a local assisted living facility
      • an art project for an annual fund-raising campaign or auction

Some crafts are my own creation and some are curated from the web such as a blog or a Pinterest pin. I'll share links (with permission and credit), amazing ideas I found on the Montessoria Pinterest board, or I'll simply explain what we did complete with pictures. No matter which, they all be appropriate for a Montessori classroom or home project. Occasionally I will also have kits for sale: pre-packaged crafts your students can complete - for one or 30.

Again, welcome to Montessoria! 

Have a lovely...