Starting a business is not for sissies. 

I began walking this road in 2012. In discussions with friends, the number one question they ask is:

"Why I don't you just put everything on Etsy?"

To which I respond:

"Because I want to do my own thing, the whole thing."

As my go-live deadline grew closer, I began to ask myself if that was a wise decision.

You have decisions to make, areas to research, prototypes to develop and input to gather. You have taxes, funding, competition, timing, legal implications, inventory and website design. You have to be stubborn, a smidge crazy, have good cheerleaders & connections (see my Appreciation section) and be willing to dive in to and wrestle with topics that are not your area of expertise. You have to have grit.

Grit. This topic is fast bubbling up in the latest 'what it takes to succeed' lists.  (See Angela Duckworth's Ted Talk.)  

grit - /grit/  noun

  1. small, loose particles of stone or sand

  2. courage and resolve; strength of character.

    synonyms: courage, bravery, pluck, mettle, strength of will, nerve, fortitude, determination, tenacity, perseverance, and endurance

It is with a great deal of grit (and hopefully success!) that today I bring you my first products for sale. 

I am launching in phases to manage my workload. The first one-month phase is restricted to products for schools & teachers in the United States. This initial system will require tax exempt paperwork for each sale. I intend to stay in close touch with each new customer in this initial phase. It's critical to make sure the sales experience & product meet each customer's expectations. I am purposefully restricting my launch, announcement, and therefore my load.

I look forward to a long, lovely and successful relationship with you. Thanks for hanging in there!